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The P1 Shifter Trim Plate  is a more reaosnably priced option when compared to our Modular Shifter Trim kit.


This kit also allows you to run no shifter boot with your aftermakret shifter as well as simply upgrade  your stock setup utilizing your OEM boot with your OEM shifter.


If you have an exposed shifter, you're all too familiar with the unfinished look of your interior. This kit solves several aeshtetic and functional issues:


- upgrade your interior's appearance 


- our trim plate provides a carbon fiber cover surrounding the shifter where a large hole is usually exposed running an aftermarket shifter


- our kit also allows you to remove the boot or use your OEM boot to work with your shifter if you prefer the OEM+ look. 


- By adding the trim plate, your interior will be more complete and refined


- The kit is available both in traditional carbon fiber an forged carbon fiber

P1 Shifter Trim Plate 2015-2021 VA WRX

SKU: P1SP-001V
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