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SOLD: $33,333

1995 Euro Spec BMW M3

  • Euro S50B30 Engine

  • 286HP

  • 5-speed manual transmission

  • All Original 

  • Avus Blue + M-Rain Cloth Upholstery

Car Details

"Introducing the 1995 Euro Specification BMW E36 M3 – a pinnacle of automotive engineering and performance. Here's why this iconic M3 deserves a place in your collection:

1. High-Revving Inline-6 Engine: The heart of the E36 M3 is its high-revving 3.0-liter inline-6 engine, delivering a seamless blend of power and precision. With 286 horsepower at your disposal, the Euro-spec M3 provides a thrilling driving experience that's as responsive on the open road as it is on the track.

2. Precision Handling and Suspension: Crafted for the driving enthusiast, the E36 M3 features a finely-tuned suspension system that strikes the perfect balance between comfort and agility. With precise steering feedback and exceptional cornering ability, every twist and turn becomes an opportunity to experience the true joy of driving.

3. Lightweight Construction: Built with a focus on performance, the E36 M3 incorporates lightweight materials in its construction, optimizing power-to-weight ratio. This results in a nimble and responsive driving experience, ensuring that every ounce of power translates into exhilarating acceleration and precise handling.

4. Timeless Design: The Euro-spec E36 M3 showcases a timeless design that effortlessly combines aerodynamics with aesthetic appeal. From the iconic kidney grille to the sleek lines of the body, this M3 exudes a classic elegance that stands the test of time. It's not just a car; it's a statement of style and performance.

5. Limited Production and Rarity: As a Euro-specification model, the 1995 E36 M3 represents a limited production run, adding an element of exclusivity to its allure. Owning this M3 means joining a select group of enthusiasts who appreciate the rarity and performance pedigree that comes with it.

6. Driver-Centric Interior: Step inside, and you'll find an interior designed with the driver in mind. From the supportive M Sport seats to the ergonomic layout of controls, every detail enhances the driving experience. It's a cockpit that invites you to fully engage with the road.

7. Unmatched Driving Dynamics: Whether you're navigating city streets or carving through mountain passes, the Euro-spec E36 M3 delivers a driving experience that's nothing short of exhilarating. This is a car that combines power, precision, and poise to create a symphony of performance on every journey.

The 1995 Euro Specification BMW E36 M3 is more than a car; it's a celebration of driving excellence. Contact us today to explore the unmatched combination of power, handling, and style that defines this legendary M3. Elevate your driving experience with the iconic E36 M3 – where precision meets passion.

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